Lara George – A Slice of Heaven

Lara George is among the most renowned Nigerian gospel singers that are going places with gospel music in the country. Ever since her first debut album “Forever in my heart” in 2008, the singer has been out to inspire Christians with her touching musical notes.

We must admit that she is a true natural when it comes to Christian music, and unlike some Nigerian musicians in the gospel music industry, she hardly has any criticisms over the kind of lyrics she writes for her music.

Her 2017 release titled “A Slice of Heaven album” is out now and folks are already loving it. From the look of things, this particular album might do better than her previous two debuts. In 2009, Lara released a self-titled album named after her, “Lara George”. The album was a hit back then, but it’s her third and subsequent albums that took her to the next level.

Lara’s subsequent albums, after “Lara George” account for some serious awards in her career life. Her third album, titled “Higher” was launched in 2012 and was later followed by two other releases in 2014. These are “Love Nwantintin EP” and “The Medley Album”. Ms. George has won a lot of awards since the onset of her career and with this new album, we are positive that she might win another award this year.

“A Slice of Heaven” is a 15 track album that has some pretty ice songs such as Eyin l’oba, Oba Ogo, Nobody Greater and Imela. Being Nigerian, definitely we expect some bit of dialect in the lyrics in the songs, although this time she has tried to go the English way.


  1. Show Up
  2. Eyin L’oba
  3. Your Name (Onye Ne Me Mma)
  4. Total Surrender
  5. Imela
  6. Oba Ogo
  7. Nobody Greater
  8. Jesus You Reign
  9. You Reign over Me
  10. No Be Story
  11. Wonderful Halleluyah
  12. Give It All
  13. Oh God
  14. Na You
  15. Give It All (Remix)

This change of style in her singing, is probably because over time, Lara’s songs have come to be loved outside Nigeria and obviously vernacular is just not the way to go about international music.

Stream Below:

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