Jimmy Wiz – 98′ Swing

Jimmy Wiz – 98′ Swing

South African rapper, Jimmy Wiz has gone into the new year, 2018 with a bag of intent. He has now released his second single of the year that he titles “98′ Swing.”

This latest record comes after Jimmy Wiz dropped the motivational song “Taste of Success” which Kaylo and which continues to generate a lot of positive punditry-commentary and fan-acceptance.

On “98′ Swing,” the rapper delves back into the core Hip Hop of the 90’s, flaunting a world of poetic wealth and a unique style that definitely does bring back a lot of memories.

Jimmy Wiz has been steady with the release of songs as he really made himself felt last year in the industry with such songs as “Switch Lanez,” “Been Here,” “White Supremacists Money,” and “Where You At.”

Truth be told, it is such efforts from Emcees in the South Africa that inspired M.I Abaga‘s controversial song,You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives.”

There, he made a critique of Nigerian rappers as well as gave a scathing assessment of the current trend of Nigerian Hip Hop where players tend to tilt towards the commercially-viable singing than rapping.

While we do not totally agree with M.I‘s mode of passing his message across, we totally think “98′ Swing” is one masterclass you’d be glad to digest.

Simply , download, then share your thoughts and in the comments section below.


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