Radio Weasel – Doreen

Radio Weasel – Doreen

It’s another touching reminder that Radio of Radio & Weasel fame is no longer with us. A song titled “Doreen” takes us back memory lane but while the pain of losing the talented singer may still be there, the joy of hearing that voice boom from speakers makes it worth listening to the song.

Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo, popularly known as Moses Radio is a performing musician. During his secondary schools days, he served as president of the school’s Youth Alive Club. His job included composing musical projects for the club that succeeded in several inter-school Youth Alive Club competitions.

In 2002, Radio studied at Kiira College Butiki and decided on a two-year break in his musical career concentrating on his studies. He later joined Jose Chameleone‘s Leone Island Crew in 2004.

While working as Chameleone‘s backup vocalist, Radio released demos on Leone Island Records. These include “Jennifer”“Dagala”“Wololo” and “Sweet Lady”“Sweet Lady” was well received, though Radio didn’t gain much recognition.

Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel started as an independent artist who released solo projects under his elder brother’s records, but it was his collaboration with Chameleoneon Bomboclat that won the heart of Ugandans.

Radio and Weasel became backup vocalists for the greatly popular Ugandan musician Jose Chameleone, but later broke off from Chameleone‘s Leone Island Crew in 2008 to form the Goodlyfe Crew.

The duo Radio and Weasel songs have been successful on Ugandan radio. With over eight albums, they are popularly for songs including “Mama”“Remember me”“Talk and Talk”“5star Girl”“Heart Attack”“Obudde”“Fantastic” and “Money”.

The award winning duo have also collaborated with notable artistes like Jose ChameleonePallasoGNL Zamba, Rachel KayMun GIrene NtaleUndercover Brothers UgWizkidBeeniemanM.IEazi and more.

On February 1st 2018, lead vocalist, Radio died from brain injuries after being assaulted by a bouncer at a club in Entebbe. Radio‘s attacker threw him down about 3 metres (9.8 ft) onto a concrete pavement which resulted in massive intracranial hemorrhage.

If nothing at all, this song will take fans down memory lane and those still hurting will take solace in that voice they miss and cherish this song as a reminder of how good he was.

To enjoy, stream or download below and be sure to share your thoughts in our comments section.


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