Watch Ethic in New Video ‘Staga Niki Medi’

’s top gengetone music group entertainment has dropped a new video dubbed ‘Staga Niki Medi’.

‘Staga Niki Medi’ is a feel good song that has an upbeat vibe that will surely leave gengetone lovers dancing.

The video has been well done; showcasing a group of young guys dancing to the amazing beat, and unleashing new dance styles, that are expected to generate the #StagaNikiMediChallenge.

One of the standout features in the video is the fact that there are no explicit scenes; an indication that learned from the previous backlash they faced.

‘Staga Niki Medi’ is one of the songs in ’s recently released dubbed ‘Big Man Bado Odinare’.

It is the first video, and the only song available on YouTube from the . The other songs are available on iTunes and Playstore at a fee.

According to a tracklist shared by Ethic, the has 8 songs, and features renowned Kenyan Hip-hop musician .

The songs in the album include; ZigiZaga, Gwara, Staga, Sakata, Profile, Banana, Odinare and Katika.

Ethic is one of the top gengetone groups in , and is credited for being the pioneer of the viral genre thanks to their hit song ‘Lamba Lolo’ that paved way for other gengetone groups.

In their two year music career, the group has dropped several hit songs that include; New Position, Fyeka, Instagram, Saba, Daktari, Quarantei, Pandana, Figa , Chapa Chapa among others.

Their journey has not been very smooth. On a number of occasions, the group has been accused of composing songs that glorify defilement, claims they vehemently denied, and deleted the affected videos.

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