Harmonize Treats Fans to 3 New Exciting Videos from His ‘Afro East’ Album

Konde Worldwide President has fulfilled his promise and dropped three videos off his Afro East album.

His fans we eagerly waiting for the videos since the audios had done really well on several digital platforms.

Below is a review of the three videos:

1. Nishapona

The very emotive song has a beautiful vibe to it and it will definitely remind you of the lost love you once had.

‘Nishapona’ explores the days when love used to hurt for . However, he is glad that he healed and is now with someone who values his love and feelings.

On the other hand, he can’t forget or get over how his past relationship almost drowned him.

2. Wife featuring

The video has very beautiful ambience that will surely give you a reason to get a wife. ‘Wife’ is a beautiful song where a couple is expressing their love to each other.

In what seems like a song, pleads with to be his wife. The visuals to this song are beautifully executed, with perfection blended in the ambience in the video.

3. Never give up English version

In a quest to dominate the whole of and beyond, has dropped the English version to his song ‘Never give up’. The original version of this song was done a year back and has so far secured over 9Million views on YouTube.

In the new video, we see few changes video from the original video, specially where he gifted his parents a car.

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