Magix Enga Drops New Song ‘Money’ Encouraging Young People to Hustle

Renowned Kenyan musician and producer has dropped a new song dubbed ‘Money’.

‘Money’ highlights the importance of hard work in life, and encourages young people to start working hard early in life, so that they can enjoy the benefits later.

The song has a riddim vibe with an amazing beat that makes it worth listening to.

“Hustling from morning tilla night see me know where mi coming from… Can never stop fi run until me get mi money deh,” the song’s lyrics read in part.

The song is so timely and the message perfect especially for young people in Kenya, where many are unemployed and some chose to venture into illegal activities as a way of earning a living.

The new release is off ’s upcoming ‘Velocity’ . The was set to be released in May, but the same was postponed due to the corona virus pandemic.

So far, 8 songs from the have already been released, and feature a number of top artistes that include; , , Shappaman, Otile Brown, Tanasha Donna, Arrow Bwoy, and Odi wa Murang’a.

The seven songs that have already been done and released include; Jojo, Bami, Kale, Bus, Fake, Call, Money and Banana.

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