Unlike Davido, I Don’t Use My Dad’s Influence as an Advantage – DJ Cuppy

Virtually everyone who doesn’t know ’s story would easily assume that the internationally acclaimed Disc Jockey and recording artiste, whose real name is Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, has attained the heights she has today on account of her father’s influence, especially when one considers just how powerful the billionaire oil magnate is.

has however revealed in a recent interview that – contrary to popular opinion – all doors don’t open to her for the mere fact that she is her father’s daughter, and that, sometimes, she – as a young woman – doesn’t get the chance to prove herself simply because of the family she’s from.

“People have to understand that just because I was born into my family does not mean that it opens all doors. That is everyone’s outside perspective. My inside perspective is just being someone’s child; how can being someone’s child be used against you?

“I can walk into a room and before I even open my mouth, everyone has decided, and it’s like you are not giving a young woman a chance to even prove herself.”

Explaining how she is different from Davido, who she described as smart for having always had the fact that he’s from a wealthy background as an intricate part of his brand, the superstar DJ had this to say:

“The only difference between and I is that he decided to use the influence as an advantage from an early stage.

“So David was like I am ‘Omo Baba Olowo’ (OBO), take it or leave it! I’m not that kind of person, he was smart though, because before you can even do anything, he has already told you he is the son of a millionaire.

“He did his brand thing well and he’s about that lush life, he lives large and he’s not apologising for who he is.”

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