Bovi: Remaining Heaven And Hell For Davido To Perform

Comedian Bovi has reacted to the recent of Davido’s continued growing influence. In an Instagram post, the talented Nigerian comedian posted a picture of boss, Davido performing in a South American country with the caption: “This Gee just sold 10,000 tickets in a country i had never heard of until this moment.

Suriname!! In South of all places. Audience was singing word for word. Remaining heaven and hell for davido to perform!”

Davido has been in the for a while now, following his gift to his girlfriend, and has refused to let go of the headlines.

Getting an endorsement deal worth 100 million, signing with Infinix to be their ambassador and buying a private jet have all ensured that his strong grip on the nation’s headlines are not weakening anytime soon.

While we congratulate the “Aye” crooner for this latest achievement, we look forward to what else the talented artist has to offer and what other surprises he has left to swing.

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