Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, Visits Lagos, Nigeria

Nigeria is slowly becoming a “Techie Haven” with some of the biggest names in the tech world frequenting the country. As we speak, Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO is in the country on some official duty. The CEO of the world’s best Search Engine visited Nigeria to attend to a Google event named “Google for Nigeria” which is happening in the country’s capital, Lagos.

While visiting Nigeria, Sundar came carrying goodies for the Nigerian folks. Among his most remarkable bequests for Nigeria is a new product dubbed YouTube Go. If you haven’t heard of it, YouTube Go is an offline kind of YouTube version that allows users to preview a video first before learn moreing it.

Basically, YouTube Go will enable Nigerians to save on data costs, since they won’t have to stream videos first so that they can check what’s in them. The preview feature that comes with YouTube Go also means that users with slow internet connections will be able to preview videos too in a quick way before they can decide on whether they want to learn more it or not.

In Context, it’s likely that Google chose to launch the product in Nigeria first, as opposed to other African countries because the Nigerian film and music industry is growing at a record breaking pace. During his visit, Sundar Pichai has met with some notable stakeholders in Nigeria’s Creative industry including delegates from Nollywood and Online Video Companies like Iroko TV.

Just Yesterday, Google’s Chief Executive was able to visit Nigeria’s Computer Village in Lagos, where he urged people to utilize fully the Online Digital Space that Google Provides.  During his visit to the Ikeja-based Computer Village, Sundar was able to familiarize himself with the computer Industry in Nigeria. He sounded so excited about the place and even took to twitter to announce his visit to Ikeja.

Computer Village is one of the notable places that Techpreneurs wouldn’t miss to visit once they get to Nigeria. The village is like a large market where electronic gadgets, mostly computers, are sold at good prices in the city.

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