Actress Oge Okoye attends AWOL Awards, UK braless

What’s up with the nudity big-headedness among celebs nowadays? The entertainment industry is slowly becoming a haven of crazy fellas who seem to be allergic to clothes. The other day we were talking about Nikki Minaj showing up for a with one boob on the leash.

Even before the dust settles, we now have one of our daughters from the black soils of Africa, trending on the public domain for bareness. Of all days Oge Okoye just decided that her bra was too heavy for an outfit during the AWOL in the UK,

Purportedly, Oge attended the biggest Art award Ceremony, The AWOL awards, which were being held in the United Kingdom. It’s alleged that Ms. Okoye who also happens to be a mother of two, entered the premises (where the said AWOL (All Works of Life) were being held), braless.

Actress Oge Okoye And A Friend Before The Event / Source: Instagram

Now her so-called fashion mishap has roused mixed reactions on social media, with her supporters especially women coming out strong to defend a gullible Oge Okoye.  It’s not clear whether she was going to receive an award herself although for a woman of her figure and class, it is highly unlikely that she would put up such a show for nothing.

Oge Okoye is one of the biggest actors in the Nigerian Film industry and has appeared in numerous Nollywood movies and some other African movies. Among her Nollywood colleagues we would term her as a pioneer in the booming Nigerian Creative arts industry.

While driving to the event, the Nollywood actress sand along one of Davido’s hit song.

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