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Matata continue to be very disruptive with their music and we have all been living for their content. They are back with a new single titled ‘Mapema’.

‘Mapema’ is Kiswahili for very early. In their description, Matata use, “Mapema, very fast” as an ode to Kenyan vintage stylist Diman Mkare. Also as part of the description on the inspiration for the song, “The phrase “Mapema very fast” can be used in many ways. It can be used to express a feeling of happiness, fulfillment, disbelief & affirmation…As a way of celebrating Kenyan urban culture and telling Kenyan stories through Music and Dance, MATATA created this song to appreciate Sheng ,which even though is not an official language it’s widely spoken, especially by the youth.”

‘Mapema’ follows a style that was popular during the kapuka era in Kenya; its progression is beat then snare. Matata guys use conversation as the style of delivery. ‘Mapema’ is very bumpy and in true Matata style, they have an array of choreographed moves in their video.

The video is shot in the streets and is a continuity of their ode to Diman Mkare. The Matata crew is donned in some very colourful vintage suits and the buildings in the streets they chose to shoot in are very complimenting of their vintage swag.

It is another good Friday to learn a new choreographed dance courtesy of Matata, mapema very fast. Catch a vibe with Matata on ‘Mapema’.


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