Deadbeat Dad or Not: Wizkid and His Many Baby Mama Drama

It appears Wizkid is currently having issues with his baby mamas who have decided to call him out on social media.

First was Shola Ogudu, the mother of his first son, who took to social media to give herself some accolades and threw what appears to be a shade at Wizkid.

2016 saw Nigerian super-star and “Ojuelegba’ crooner – Wizkid in a lot of baby mama dramas.

Wizkid’s baby mama Binta Diamond Diallo claimed that Wizkid didn’t take up his responsibilities as a father and was a deadbeat dad.

Wizkid & His  Three Baby Mamas

Anonymous sources further collaborated Binta Diallo’s claim by adding that “Wizkid is refusing to accept the baby, and he’s not paying child support. He’s also refusing to make himself available for a DNA test to determine the paternity of the baby” said the source.

While Wizkid appears to be a devoted father, one of his baby mamas, Shola Ogudu thinks otherwise.

Earlier this week, social media also went abuzz when Shola OguduWizkid’s first baby mama subtly threw a shade at the ‘Holla At Your Boy” hitmaker while wishing her son, Boluwatife, a happy birthday. .

She didn’t just wish him a happy birthday but also made it known that she has been the father and mother of the child she has with Wizkid.

“I Workkkkk Sooooo Hardddddd Ma G!!!!! Sooooooo Harddddddd!!!!! Damnnn!!! I Literally Deserve EVERYTHING GOOD COMING MY WAY AND MORE!!!.

“Being a Mom and a Dad and Still Manage to Slay all at once on a Legit Income!!! Please, I need my accolades served chilled!!!! It’s very well deserved!!! Thank you, lord… I’ll never get tired of thanking you God.. Cos I am where and who I am because of you my Miracle Worker!!!” she tweeted.

As if that was not enough, Wizkid’s second baby mama, Binta Diallo also revealed on Instagram that the singer has not paid child support for up to two years and has not bothered to show up for any of the kid’s birthdays nor placed a call through.

And now, the three baby mamas are at logger heads over his role in their children’s lives. While his first and second baby mamas are calling him out with claims that he is a deadbeat dad, his third baby mama and US manager, Jada Pollock, was on Instagram celebrating the singer with claims that he is an incredible dad to her son.

Jada Pollock Appreciating Wizkid On Her Instagram Page

Within an hour, baby mama number two, Binta Diallo Diamond took to her Instagram page where she posted a number of photos shading Wizkid and Jada Pollock.

She posted a photo with the description, “When your baby father is a clown and so is his girlfriend.” This was just the beginning as she went on to call out Wizkid for treating their child like crap.

She also slammed the relationship between Wizkid and Jada Pollock with a quote in one of the numerous photos.

Binta went on to debunk the claims that she was just a one night side for Wizkid, insisting that when they met, they had a chemistry.

Well, Wizkid has reacted to the claims by his baby mamas, Shola Ogudu and Binta Diallo. In a tweet, the singer made it known that there are two sides to a story.

Wizkid’s Reply To Shola Ogudu & Binta Diamond Diallo

Perhaps, we should be expecting to hear his own side of the story very soon.

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