Davido’s Political Sojourn

Davido’s Political Sojourn. Source: Davido/ Instagram

To all patriotic Osun citizens. On the road to #Osun2018, I salute you all for all the mileage you have covered thus so far during the election. I salute your courage, resilience and support Adeleke the “dancing senator soon to be cheerful and Dancing governor.

“[It] should be noted that Osun state is not an annex of Lagos, but state of its own and such all sort of political suzerainty should be expunged and decimated. Don’t be sugarcoated by their blatant promises. As you cast your votes tomorrow for the rerun, vote PDP. We solidarise with you. OBO.

Source: Davido/ Instagram

That was “Fia” hitmaker David Adeleke, aka Davido, addressing the people of Osun state before the rerun election. The first election had not produced a winner. The main candidates were Senator Ademola Adeleke (Davido’s uncle) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Gboyega Oyetola of the All Progressives Congress.

Senator Ademola Adeleke lost to Gboyega Oyetola. Or so the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) says. His uncle is adamant he was rigged out and plans to seek redress in court. Of course David is backing his uncle in the court case, and learning some hard lessons along the way.

Source: Davido/ Instagram

One such lesson is that not everyone who smiles in your face is a friend. A friend of Davido’s going by the name Olu Ricky had mocked Senator Ademola Adeleke for not having participated in the pre-election debate yet planning to go to court to challenge his loss to Oyetola.

It was puzzling to Davido seeing a friend insult his uncle. he is only just getting into the arcane world of politics and the pains and betrayels. He fired back: “Olu Ricky ?? Ur really here commenting this About my uncle and Ull see someone and be smiling in their face! BITCH AVIOR Smh FUCK YOU X2 .. same way you weren’t present for court when they were about to deport ur FRAUD ASS ! Fucking hoe! I hope to see you soon.

Davido’s uncle may have lost, and Davido himself may have felt betrayed by someone he considered a friend, but these are just initial tastes of the lessons of politics. More are to come.

Source: Davido/ Instagram

Indeed, if we have more celebrities exhibiting the same fervor Davido had exhibited, supporting the best candidates, we may well be on our way to enuine progress as a nation.

Actress Iretiola Doyle could not have said it better when she observed about Davido’s political sojourn: “Who he’s campaigning for and why is immaterial and beside the point.

“The way I see it, if a quarter of us got involved and pursued our political preferences with as much passion, single-mindedness, loyalty, doggedness and “we die here” fervour that @davidoofficial has displayed and sustained over the last several days, it’s safe to say that the last 2 decades probably wouldn’t have gone down the way they have and we probably wouldn’t be in the current socio-political situation we are in.

Maybe. Given the fervor with which he had campaigned for his uncle, and his statements following, it is not in doubt that is interest in politics has already been ignited.

Source: Davido/ Instagram

In the coming years, when he would have retired from music, he just might give a shot at a political post. This time he would be campaigning for himself, and the voting might sway in his favour. He has, after all, got the goodwill of so many people, lovers of music, fans all the way.

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