Yungloon Taliboom (YoungstaCPT x Maloon TheBoom) – To Be Continued


Yungloon Taliboom ( x Maloon TheBoom) – To Be Continued

and releases a collaborative project titled “To Be Continued” “To Be Continued” was complied with 12 solid track for your listening pleasure.

is one of a kind. They’re gifted with giving a unique perspective of important topics of today’s youth, mixed with a unique lyrical ability and dope hip hop beats. With guest features Robert Black, Baqabond, Di-Meh & Miles Singleton, be ready to be taken on a journey from Cape Town to Switzerland.

To Be Continued is very punch line driven, funny and but hot and is tinged with the nostalgic mid 90s hip hop vibe that YoungstaCPT & have been very drawn to.

When asked if this project was Boom-Bap inspired Yungloon Taliboom said:

“I would say Boom Bap has a too much of a stigma of one style and it’s not one style – but it’s also not trap. I don’t feel there is any track on this release so it’s more like classic Golden era hip hop inspired piece so you could call it classic hip hop although in its original sense is still classic hip hop but people don’t really know that…”To Be Continued” is dope and it’s a classic – man it’s definitely a classic.” –

“Awe, I would say classic hip hop, vintage definitely the Golden Era inspired and it just has that modern spin to it with the elements that you enjoy of the past so it’s definitely a full 360 hip hop project. You get a little bit of everything, we take you on a roller-coaster ride & journey from Cape Town to Zurich and Zurich to Cape Town. It has that International appeal with a local flavour so it’s also something that people and audiences haven’t experienced before- not in this way. But as I say it has the elements & the makings of Classic Hip Hop so most definitely the classic, the golden era, the vintage and just the that is timeless” –

Enjoy this latest offering from Yungloon Taliboom and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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