Gifty Reveals She Quit Job in Ghana Over Boss’s Sexual Advancements

Gifty / Source: Information Nigeria

Gifty Powers is a former Big Brother Naija contestant, model and an Instagram selfie queen with over 215k followers. She recently gave an interview to New Telegraph Online and talked about sexual harassment and how she manages to deal with it and stardom.

Starting off she starts with the Big Brother Naija and how the vanity celebrity reality show allowed her to become noticed and how she cherished every bit of the attention and spotlight she was getting.

“I bonded with everyone, if you actually watched it closely. I related with everyone and I did stuffs with everyone down to ladies and the guys because I saw everyone as family”

So she got along really well on the show but life wasn’t always a bed of roses for the attractive model. She reveals her previous issues and sheer luck that helped her land in the entertainment industry. She also reveals the advancements of a former CEO she was working with.

It happened when she was working as a receptionist in a local company and studying at the Ghana university.

Life was all good until the CEO of the company started being suggestive and sent a lot of stupid and harassing offers that translated into sleeping with him. She says she rebuffed him and the encounter remains in her memory and she had to quit her job because of it.

Gifty / Source: Information Nigeria

She then had a failed marriage over there and she remained married for a short while. Regarding her marriage she says that she was naive and stupid and saw everyone around her getting married at a tender age of 20 21 and she was like I should do it too.

She was 19 and she regrets that she ever did that. According to her she is a survivor and she had to bear real hardships in life. Marriage was just a fluke and she got over it.

She also reveals her choice of man she would love to consider. She loves honesty, intelligence and brilliance and the ease of a relationship. She also wants him to be responsible and not demand anything from her. Perhaps it is a side effect of her experiences of the past!

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