Zingah Released Second Single, Imali Yam’

The rapper, Zingah has followed up his hit single and first hit track of 2019, Dladla, released on Friday, 15 March 2019, with the release of his new single, Imali Yam’. The single stays true to Zingah’s signature style of incorporating kwaito sound elements in his production and rap-singing style.

He started promoting the release of the single on his social media pages by posting the countdown to the single’s release. The first countdown he posted was on Wednesday, 6 November 2019, with the caption stating, “It’s about to shake!” A day ahead of the single’s release, the artist announced it as his summer anthem on his social media pages, writing, “Summer is upon us!”

The single’s cover art uses the song’s storyline of women spending his money as the inspiration for the artwork. The cover art image features Zingah posing in front of car looking up excitedly at his date, who is dressed in sequined red dress with her back to the camera. Behind them is a group of boys who stare at the unidentified date in awe.

Following the availability of his single on all digital platforms, his fans took to social media to praise the release. One social media user wrote, “Zingah dropped a summer smash [with Imali Yam’]” Another fan of the Cash Time Family member wrote, “#iMaliYam by Zingah is a pure vibe! Hit the link and stream!”

The single is available for purchase on Apple Music.

Listen to Imali Yam’ below.

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