Bontle Moloi and Priddy Ugly release Rick Jade’s Sweetie Lavo

Real life couple and musicians, Bontle Moloi and Priddy Ugly, released the video for their single, “Sweetie Lavo”.

On Thursday, 7 November 2019 Bontle Moloi and Priddy Ugly, known collectively under the stage name, Rick Jade, released the video for their current single, Sweetie Lavo. The single is from their debut released, D.N.A (Da New Afrika), and was released on Friday, 11 October 2019, as the celebration soundtrack of their nuptials, with the art of the single featuring an image they took at the wedding. This piece largely showcases their and gives you an insider scoop of how it all went down.

Similarly, the video, which is a mini-film by Nkuleko Lembambo, uses footage from their wedding day. The video provides touching glimpses of what happened on the day, while educating their fans on the fundamentals of a traditional wedding.

The video starts with Priddy getting ready to go Bontle’s family. We are then taken through the process of families presenting gifts to each immediate member of the bride’s and groom’s families.

The video then reveals the wedding ceremony, including the wedding ring exchanges and the couple’s first kiss as husband and wife. Thereafter, the video takes through the festivities that took place after the ceremony. Towards the end of the video, there is a touching moment of Bontle getting teary-eyed and Priddy wiping the tears away.

The couple released the without any promotion, only taking to social on the day of the release to announce, “Once in a while, life shares a tale with us. We [are] sharing that joy with you.”





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