Rihanna fans losing their minds waiting for R9 album to drop in final hours of 2019

There’s nothing that fans want more than for the pop star to release her long-awaited, ever-elusive ninth studio before the clock strikes midnight on 2019.

Anticipation is building for ’s tentatively-titled R9, which she previously said would be released in 2019 but has never given a specific release date.

Still, fans are confident it will arrive before the end of the year – and the decade.

Their hope was fuelled this week when RiRi’s label Def Jam dropped a major hint that R9 was imminent when they shared a photo of the singer making the Roc Nation symbol – holding her hands up in a diamond shape.

Now, the Navy is done with the teasers and ready for the real thing.

literally has 24 hours to drop her or otherwise, WW3 is starting,’ one Twitter user predicted.

A particularly anxious fan admitted: ‘I’m scared to leave the house or do anything of substance in case drops an album, sick of it.

‘I need ’s reggae like I need air,’ one stated.

One Rihanna fan threatened to give up their RiRi fandom badge in 2020, declaring: ‘1 day left of being a Rihanna stan.

And giving the singer some motivation, another suggested: ‘Honestly….. if Rihanna drops the it’s the only way to rival the surprise Bey drop.

‘Literally teasing us “2019” then dropping it at the last damn minute of the year….. I’d abandon my entire NYE party playlist.’

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