Sunny Neji – Love Wins

Sunny Neji – Love Wins Album Cover

Finally Sunny Neji has decided to show some love to his fans for the remaining part of 2017 after releasing his new album entitled “Love wins”. The old-time singer has been in the limelight since his first debut in 1991 labelled “Captain on EMI”. This new album happens to be his 5th release following his earlier Album in 2007.

Most of his younger fans are only conversant with Neji’s 2007 album that was labelled “Unchained”. This 4th release houses popular songs such as “Oruka”, the comic inspired song “Tolotolo”and “Face Me”.  If we were to describe Sunny Neji, we would actually put him in a class of musicians that founded the now well-liked Nigerian musical trend.

Just like his previous releases, “Love Wins” contains songs that narrow down to the contemporary issues of society; mostly political and social issues.  Being an “oldie”, you would expect that he is a major ambassador for peace and as most people put it, Neji is not a fighter he’s more of a lover.

Although Sunny Neji has come to be appreciated in the trending Nigerian music industry, he always takes huge breaks before releasing his songs. You can tell this from the time difference that exists between his 4th and 5th albums and so on.

All the same we can’t entirely blame him, as he already has a bigger responsibility on his shoulders being the CEO of Impakt Records. Neji is always mentoring new Nigerian artists in the country and that partly explains what he’s usually working on when he’s not writing music for you.

Money No Get Enemy (feat. Phyno)
Afefe (feat. CDQ)
Dat Kain Tin
My Baby
Aeroplane Turner
Money No Get Enemy (Genesis)

“Love Wins” is an album that concentrates on a theme that’s supposed to instill positivity into the minds of the listeners.  In Particular, the first song in the album titled “Sorry” is a sure heart mover. The song is about accepting the blame as a man and apologizing for wrong doings in relationships.

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