Hip-hop Superstar P. Diddy Endorses Falz’s ‘This Is Nigeria’ Video

Falz The Bahd Guy

You may have been blown away by Falz The Bahd Guy’s remake of Childish Gambino’s viral video, “This is America”, “This is Nigeria”, just as we are.

However, the fact that it caught the attention of hip-hop superstar, P.Diddy, got us hyperventilating!

Since the release of the clip two days ago, it became one of the most trending topics on Twitter and other social media platforms, amassing over 30, 000 views in less than an hour.

The video has garnered over 600, 000 views and still counting.

Following the release of ‘This Is Nigeria”, some section of the fans have commended Falz’s initiative for portraying the depth of vices in Nigeria – the same way “This Is America” portrays the American society.

However, another section of the fans believe Falz is guilty of copyright infringement; with some labelling him a fraud and accusing him of stealing Danny Glover’s idea.

In response to the accusations, the stated that the concept behind the video is to remake the original idea by Childish Gambino in order to replicate the similar impact on the Nigerian society.

The Nigerian rapper urged his audience to focus on the message and let it drive them to swing into action, rather than remain focused on the accusations.

Surprisingly, P.Diddy lent his weight by re-sharing a clip of the video from Falz’s page, via his Instagram page on Saturday, May 26, 2018.

The award-winning and multi-talented producer and businessman shared Falz’s video on Instagram and endorsed him with a caption that read ‘?????? @falzthebahdguy #nigeriaLETS GO!!!!!!!’

This can only mean one thing: P.Diddy is super impressed! Now, who wouldn’t?

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