“I Wrote Over 300 Songs In Jail” – Sinzu

Nigerian rapper, Babalola Falemi, popularly known as Sinzu

Nigerian rapper, Babalola Falemi, popularly known as Sauce Kid or Sinzu, who served a short jail term in the U.S is set to make a comeback to the Nigerian music scene.

We’ve heard tales of people who ended up getting wasted while serving their jail terms. However, that’s not the case for the latest DMW signee, Sinzu who claimed to receive a lot of musical inspiration while locked up.

In an interview with Ovie of NotjustOKTV, the rapper admitted that while the Nigerian music industry isn’t as he left it, he isn’t about to give up. According to Sinzu, being in jail had the opposite effect contrary to popular beliefs – he was quite productive as he had invested every time he had in his music and writing dope songs.

Sinzu in an interview with Ovie of NotjustOKTV

On his experience in jail, Sinzu revealed that serving his jail term was a humbling experience as he had to work and was paid $16 per month.

Not one to dwell on his condition, the rapper turned his situation into an advantage by writing over a hundred and eighty songs in his first year in prison; and over one hundred and twenty songs the following year, totalling over three hundred songs.

With this staggering revelation, we can say this is going to last him for years to come. Sinzu further added that he can presently release about five songs if he wishes.

But being Davido’s latest signee, we should expect his music to hit the waves faster than we can imagine.

He also revealed that he is cooking up something with FalztheBahdGuy.  We just can’t wait to hear their collabo!

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