Watch| Falz Invents Dance Steps at #AMVCA 2018

Watch| Falz Invents Dance Steps at #AMVCA 2018. Source: Falz/ Instagram

It is a good thing that no one can ban a rapper’s music genes, nor can the genes be surgically removed. If that were possible, the world will be so boring for lack of genius. And the world will certainly be a boring place.

Well, we are in luck. Now and again we get to have a glimpse into the sheer genius of spontaneity.

This is Nigeria” mastermind Falz gave us a glimpse into another part of him when he was caught in new dance steps at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards, making many wonder about the origin of the new dance steps, and whether he invented it himself on the spur of the moment.

Falz, whose “This is Nigeria” was recently banned by the National Broadcasting Commission, won the Best Supporting Actor Award at the recently concluded AMVCA.

The Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards, an award established in 2013 and sponsored by Multichoice, aims to honour outstanding achievement in television and film.

Falz is certainly having a good run, ban or no. He has already made a name for himself in the world of music. It is obvious now that he has made a name as an actor too.

Some solidarity.

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