Waje Speaks on her Music Nightmares and Plans to Quit Music

Waje Speaks on her Nightmares and Plans to Quit Source: Waje/ Instagram

It feels good to possess enormous talents and to display that talent to the ’s appreciation. However, when the appreciation is not forthcoming, and correspondingly the money isn’t rolling in from your talents, frustration may set in and exercising the talent may become a drag.

This is the unfolding reality in the life of Nigerian and “Oh My” mastermind Waje. She may in the process of quitting if a video of her venting her frustrations with the scene is to be taken seriously.

In the said video, which is now quietly trending, Waje is seen speaking of how her expectations in the industry are being dashed. In spite of all the investments she has made so far, according to her, it has not truly paid off financially.

Source: Waje/ Instagram

At some point, in the same video, she recalled how people had asked her for an everywhere she went. She had honoured that demand by releasing the Red Velvet.” However, those who had demanded for the barely patronized it and the did not do well commercially.

Waje registered herself in the consciousness of Nigerians when she on Abaga’s “One Naira,” and has been there ever since.

Well, what do you think of the issues Waje raised and her plans to quit the scene? Watch the Waje video below. You may as well join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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