Remix of Lyta’s ‘Mona Lisa’ Featuring Davido Set to Drop on Friday

Remix of Lyta’s ‘Mona Lisa’ Featuring Davido Set to Drop on Friday

It’s an incoming success story for  as the remix of his “Monalisa” song done with  leader, Davido has a release date and it’s August 30. Yeah, this Friday.

“Monalisa” was ‘s first post-YBNL release after some disagreements made him leave the olamide-led label where he found fame and became popular.

While Olamide claimed that  wanted out because he was jealous of ‘s success,  said he was unhappy because he was not putting out new songs and that he had nothing against Fireboy.

He has since apologised to Olamide, saying he really appreciated how he helped him but the latter has not responded and it’s doubtful that he will.

In a way too, Olamide‘s decision to focus on Fireboy for a while looks like a right move as Fireboy had been dropping songs constantly and they have been hits. He is a golden hen and he’s been laying golden eggs for  since he joined.

Still,  is doing well for himself and this remix with Davido may be the spark his career needs to start climbing again and we can’t wait. He has what it takes and it’ll be interesting to see how he harnesses it.

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