Beka Flavour Comes Out To Educate People On Corona Virus – video

Beka Flavour - Corona

Corona virus as we all know has brought a great negative impact across the world, the covid-19 pandemic has led to a total of over 10000+ cases and we all need to follow the rules set aside to help fight the virus.

Tanzanian singer, Bakari Katuti popularly known as , has come out with a new hit sing that tries to educate people concerning the virus. In this video he tries to explain to his fans that corona is real and they should not joke with it.

He goes on to tell that, it has already killed a lot of many people because it spreads fast. He add on to say that once one is infected with corona virus can die within days if no quick action is taken. He goes on to say that we should take the action protecting our self by quarantining to avoid contamination and spread of the virus

Hili gonjwa ni hatari na tena linaua Ua
Ni tishio duniani nani asiyejua Jua
Kusema za ukweli Corona ni pigo
Mpaka sasa dawa haijulikani bado
Tujilinde wenyewe kwa hili tatizo

In the jam, advises people to take certain measures to protect themselves. They are; avoid handshakes, wearing a mask, washing hands, avoiding unnecessary travelling, kissing and whatnot until the virus is controlled.

He also thanked Tanzanian government for cancelling large public gatherings and closing schools in a bid to combat the deadly virus.

told people to pray to God so that he can protects us during this difficult time as we adhere to the rules that have been put in place by the relevant authorities.

Beka Flavour – Tulia

Other than the powerful message that it carries, I’m sure after listening to Corona, you’ll agree with me that it is such a beautiful composition. I can confidently say that it’s the best Corona virus song that I’ve heard to date.

If you are a big fan of Beka Flavour, like myself, then you know that he has an amazing voice and he puts it into good use in this jam to highlight the seriousness of the disease.

As you listen to Corona, you can tell that he is so pained by what is going on around the world and you get to connect with him on a personal level. The instrumentation of this track is dope because it’s subtle thus allowing the message to sink in. listening to the message to his chorus it rely tells more. Check the chorus lyrics below

Tusichukulie tu poa poa
Corona gonjwa hatari
Watu wanakwisha
Nchi zote duniani

Tusichukulie tu poa poa
Corona gonjwa hatari
Watu wanakufa eh
Nchi zote duniani

check the video below


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