Ethic Speaks Out after Octopizzo Allegedly Declined to Feature on Their Album

Renowned Kenyan gengetone group entertainment has hit out at celebrated rapper Octopizzo, for allegedly declining to feature in their upcoming dubbed ‘Big Man Bado Odinare’.

In a tweet, the ‘Quarantei’ hit-makers claimed that they reached out to Octopizzo and offered him a chance to feature on the album, but he did not take advantage of the opportunity.

“We gave @OCTOPIZZO the privilege to be on our super dope but hakuona vision, truth ni numbers ziko but ange kuja tu na zile mathogothanio zake, video for the song wasnt part of the plan…all in all watch out June 13th dropping, ‘BIG MAN BADO ODINARE’ Ni mbwaya ni moto,” posted.

The tweet did not augur well with a section of netizens, who felt that has no right attacking Octopizzo.

According to a number of tweeps, Octopizzo is one of the best artistes in the country, and his type of is quite different from that of Ethic, and should not be attacked for failing to feature in the album.

“Octo amewalenga so mnasaka relevance. Octo is bigger than you guys, you need him more. Humble yourselves,” a tweep identified as Lazooj said.

Responding to the tweep, said “Hehe the only big thing octo ako nayo ni ‘ego’.”

Octopizzo is yet to respond to the accusation.

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