Koffee – Lockdown

What have you been up to during lockdown? Koffee has been recording some new music and she is making it memorable for a lifetime by titling it ‘Lockdown’.

‘Lockdown’ is a pretty feel good song that questions life after quarantine and mashes it up with relationships, friendships and living life.

‘Lockdown’ is quite vast in the context of sound in the sense that it can be classified as both a Reggae and RnB record. The only thing that makes it more reggae than anything else is Koffee’s strong Patwa that she delivers the song in. In true Koffee style, ‘Lockdown’ is a sang/rap record where we listen to Koffee switching up the flow between verses from singing to rapping and vice versa.

The video is a vlog style video that takes us through Koffee’s day; we watch her start her day by recording, we watch her prepare some food, we then drive with her to hang-out with her friends and it ends with Koffee at the beach with some friends catching a sundowner.

This single is such a vibe and inquisitive about who might and might not be in our lives after quarantine. Besides that, make plans for after quarantine while catching a vibe with Koffee on ‘Lockdown’.


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