Top Amapiano songs

from South Africa which has already been borrowed by other Nations has become one of the most entertaining music for decades now.

The genre has rapidly grown and evolved to hits dues to hundreds of hopeful producers who have persistently dug into new sounds with spades of experimentation to produce an endless stream of unconventional songs.

The idea was just to come up with something new in the music industry. Something to increase competition by its countless runaway hits.

Some of the biggest hitmakers are JazziQ, De Mthuda and who have all belted out an impressive catalogue rocking local airwaves. Meanwhile, heavyweights Kabza De Small and have been slow on the uptake in 2021, although they’ve contributed to a number of current chart toppers.

Here are some top songs

MFR Souls featuring Major League Djz, Kamo Mphela, Bontle Smith “Amamanikiniki”

Amamanikiniki became one of the best hits of 2020 having it played all over the world on different ceremonies. The song made a major impact in boosting the growth of the genre from an underground movement with only a core following of committed punters.

Before their hit song Amamanikiniki, the two DJs from from Katlehong, a township Johannesburg’s eastern outskirts, “Love You Tonight” featuring DJ Maphorisa, Sha Sha and Kabza De Small, ” The song gained even more popularity with the release of an accompanying music video in which Mphela is front and centre.

Mapara a Jazz (featuring Ntosh Gazi & Colano) “John Vuli Gate

The duo, Maano Maphwe and Tshepiso Malatji popularly known as Mapara a Jazz hit the airwaves in 2020 after their song ‘Corona’ released at the onset of the national lockdown became an international hit. The faction then released another sizzling song dubbed “John Vuli Gate” became a social media sensation when five women made and posted a video of themselves emulating a dance move previously posted by the artists.

Kabza De Small featuring Daliwonga “iLog Drum”

iLog Drum won over the heart of many music lovers in 2020 with it striking balance between the sweet melodic amapiano and the unpolished dust variant without sounding forced. Kabza De Small’s sound has emphasised melodies in voice and keys over drum and bass arrangements which, at times, sound repetitive or recycled. “iLog Drum” proves that the producer who was one of the movement’s trailblazers, and is now at the forefront of amapiano’s global presence, is capable of artistic feats that have placed him rightfully at the movement’s helm.

Tyler ICU & Nicole Elocin featuring Kabza De Small, DJ Maphorisa “Bella Ciao”

Bella Ciao is the title given to the song by super gifted genius who is known all over as Nicole Elocin & Tyler ICU on stage. The song is an amapiano rendition of an Italian protest folk song used as the theme song for TV series Money Heist. The song’s smooth vocals contrast with its kwaito-influenced instrumental to make it simultaneously catchy, satisfying and addictive.

featuring Kamo Mphela “SBWL”

The song became a hit in 2020 with its flowing rhythm and cool melodies. Also considering the facts that the song has been done by energetic women. The whole cast was purely females. Established artist features star of the moment, dancer and vocalist Kamo Mphela, on a track and in a video which is in some ways a celebration of happy black women. The Amapiano hit song by title “sbwl” was derived from a social media trend named “sbwl” (a stylised version of the Xhosa word “sabaweli”. It roughly explains someone’s desires or cravings for something. It has become common parlance in South Africa.

This one of the hottest tunes in the game. This track may stand the test of time. It’s infectious amapiano beats are quite the force to be reckoned with. In addition to that imparts an ear worming hook that will definitely have you doing a jig in no time. Amapiano is not a genre but a lifestyle. ‘You don’t have to speak the language you just have to feel it’

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