King Kaka’s ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ Elicits Massive Reactions Among Kenyans

King Kaka’s latest single ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ has elicited massive reactions in the country, and is currently trending at position one on Twitter.

In the song, Rabbit condemns poor leadership, corruption, and tribalism in the country.

He also highlights challenges Kenyans are facing including; unemployment, poor instutions, poverty, among tohers.

The vocal musician has also hit out at a number of senior politicians mentioned in corruption scandals, that saw the country lose millions, and in some cases billions of taxpayer’s money.

The song has elicited a lot of reactions online. Here are some reactions from Twitter:

Nahashon Kimemia: has started a conversation that we must finish. He did it from an angle that’s outside the political class or activist utopia. Let us talk, but above all, let us talk honestly. To other musicians, why are you still sleeping? The is almost here. #WajingaNyinyi

Boniface Mwangi: Wajinga Nyinyi by @RabbitTheKing. Moto sana. Amesema ukweli mtupu! Tazama. Skiza. Elewa. #KingKaka #WajingaNyinyi

Miguna Miguna: Yes, I fully support King Kaka’s message in his powerful #WajingaNyinyi. #Wakeup! #RiseUp! #Revolt! #RevolutionNow!

Churchill: Deep stuff my brother @RabbitTheKing #WajingaNyinyi #WajingaSisi We must play this at #ChurchillShowKisii

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