Tanasha Donna Set to Release New project with Shirko

Kenyan musician Tanasha Donnah has created a buzz online after a picture of her and Shirko surfaced online.

This has since raised speculations that she is working on a new project with the production .

On her Instagram page, Tanasha posted a picture of her and Shirko in studio, a clear indication that the duo would be dropping a new project soon.

“Baddest combo up next! T DONNA X SHIRKO.” she captioned.

Shirko is a legendary producer and singer famed for the big song “Nataka Kuwa Nawe” he did years back featuring 2 Berries (now Berry White and Berry Black).

This was one of the biggest song in and made it possible for him to work with many Bongo artistes including Salaam TMK of Mkubwa na Wanawe and the former .

On the other hand, Tanasha Donnah has been riding high with a new solo project “Sawa” months after her break up her baby daddy boss .

With this picture being the talk of town in and part of , it is obvious that Tanasha has a huge following back in the land of Bongo .

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